Metal and GRP Fiberglass tank Instructions

Pour into bottom sealed bungs/tap hole  fuel gas tank and roll around
Pour into bottom sealed bungs/tap hole fuel gas tank and roll around then pour excess out and redo every few hours till thickly coated ,.

Wagners Tank sealing Kits ensure tank GRP fiberglass tanks clean with acetone and when dried pour inside roll tank arpound having sealed the orifices to coat in most older tanks the sealer will immediately be sucked into the fiberglass you can build up to the correct depth of up to 1/2 of an incj or 3 mm! pour the excess out (if any0 into a sealable jar for re-use in later coats or tank sealing operations

Steel or other Metal fuel / gas tanks seal lower orifices having used Wagners Rust converter and clean out with acetone next allow to dry a hari dryer is OK to use to speed up- next follow instructions as above .

Redo the process as many times as necessary till you can see a nice thick clear layer over the fiberglass .If you buy the 250 Ml kits this will usually do 2 of the 20 litre 5 gallon tanks .

Recoating can be done up to 36 hours after coating do not leave for later than 2 days as the hard surface may not accept a further layer .allow to dry between coats with the tank having an open hole/ orifice etc to allow drying .
    Kit content 071003 is sufficient to seal a tank of a volume of up to 30 litres

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WAGNER Motorcycle Fuel Tank motorbike Petrol Tank Sealing Kit the WAGNER single-component tank sealing resin saves any tank, by installing a sort of protective inner tank.Simply pour in and roll around! then leave open to air dry - Once tank resin sealer tins are  opened can be reused unlike most 2 pack which has a life span under 1 hour in most cases so do one tank then pour excess out and use later so long as kept air tight can be used months or a year later ! see intro for instructions!

Pouring the Wagners Tank seal into the Gas fuel tank with funnel.
Wagners Premium Tank liner seal fluid after sealing see depth and clear resin inside!
Harley davidson gas fuel tank repair restoration on back to coat top of tank Wagners tank seal

WAGNER Motorcycle Fuel Tank motorbike Petrol Tank Resin

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Wagners Rust Coverter phosphating fuid Motorcycle motorbike fuel tank gas pre tank sealing before sealer use